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Monday, December 22nd Acoustic Ascent Open Mic

Saturday, December 27th

the Irving Theater welcomes
My Hidden Holiday Show
My Hidden Track
I Dream In Evergreen
Lisa Walks
Saint Aubin

Saturday, December 27  |  7:00p  |  $8  

After playing to a sold-out crowd of 450 in December of 2008, the remaining two members of My Hidden Track were uncertain if they had just played their last show ever or if it was the beginning of something new.  Chad Lehr and Nick Coffing knew one thing for sureó they werenít done playing music together.  The Indianapolis natives My Hidden Track sat on this idea for six months.

Then what began as an advertisement campaign back in early 2009, My Hidden Track removed all the content from their myspace, purevolume, etc and simply left this message: The addiction begins March 2009. Still not having a solid lineup or a concrete plan for their comeback from their six month hiatus My Hidden Track began writing, I mean really writing, with an end goal in mind to have a record complete by March.  Often locking themselves in their east side practice space for 12 hours at a time and holding acoustic writing sessions nightly.  The end result of their late night sessions is their Hey Love EP.

Although My Hidden Track hasn't played much since 2009, the band is getting back together for the Holidays.
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